Lincoln on slavery, Bush on war

Lincoln made the comment that "as a good thing slavery was strikingly peculiar in that it was the only good thing that no man ever seeks the good of for himself."
This tells us about Lincoln the man. He knew that for half the country slavery was a "good thing," and rather than condemning that half of the country as did the rabid abolitionists he thought a bit about that "good thing," and what kind of a good thing it was. For if it’s such a good thing why don’t we ever seek it for ourselves? Enough to make the slaveholders reflect on their slave holding? Makes me think of the Iraq War. Bush must have at one time, even if he doesn’t today, thought that it was a good thing.  And war, like slavery, is a good thing, but isn’t it always, again like slavery, a good thing for someone else? How many of our politicians go to war for themselves?About the same number of slaveholders who thought that slavery was such a good thing that they became slaves themselves.

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