Arianna Huffington on Moving to the Center

Have just read Arianna’s Huffington Post Blog, “Moving to the Middle is for Losers.” Arianna never seems to think about the fact that she herself has a personal history, traveling, swinging from far right to far left, to be now, as she says, happily ensconced in the progressive wing of her party. Right there with Move On.

Doesn’t it occur to Arianna that the center is where reasonable people should be? That the center is where things get done, and yes, where change does have a chance. Or does she really believe that it’s at the furthermost points of the pendulum’s swings that change is to be had, and truth is to be found?

According to Arianna Huffington moving to the middle is for losers. Yet we have as evidence to the contrary the history of the progressive, liberal democratic candidates of the past 50 years or more. Not one of them has won a presidential election. See my Blog entry of April 22, 2008, Obama and the Liberal Designation.

Why does Arianna think that the times are different now? The democrats who did win were all of the center, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton. Obama knows this. Arianna doesn’t?

Realkommentary is one thing. Realstupidkommentary is quite another.

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