Why not a Muslim, an atheist on the federal bench?

Bill Keller (see Times article of August 25th) would like to ask the presidential candidates the three questions below (and others).

I would too, although I’m afraid I already know the answers, especially if they were ever to be forthcoming from the Republican candidates, and I live in dread that one of them might eventually become my president, a kind of reincarnation of our “never again” president, George W. Bush.

•Do you agree with those religious leaders who say that America is a “Christian nation” or a “Judeo-Christian nation?” and what does that mean in practice?

•Would you have any hesitation about appointing a Muslim to the federal bench? What about an atheist?

•What is your attitude toward the theory of evolution, and do you believe it should be taught in public schools?

In your opinion how many will answer, No, No, and Yes?

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