Read this today…

Read this today, from the Daily Beast, Leslie Gelb writing:

“President Obama is smart and level-headed, and he tries. But he still hasn’t grasped the magic and toughness of true leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.  Like them, Obama has to realize he’s not simply wrestling with traditional conservatives who will make reasonable compromises. He’s in a war with fact-free fanatics who want to kill him politically. No less. The only way to fight this fire is with fire.”

That’s true. President Obama, while perhaps the most civilized of our leaders, certainly of the politicians, and especially of the Republicans who would gain and hold the office of President, is no where near tough enough. Why is that? If Obama does go down it will not be because he is lacking in rightness, but toughness.

The lack of toughness will do him in. And if that does happen what will happen to the country, given the toughness but wrongness of those who oppose him? Should we now be saying  Cry, the Beloved Country?

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