An earlier look at unemployment, or joblessness

I take the following from Harpers Magazine of September of 1993, from an article by Richard J. Barnet, The End of Jobs,

Words written nearly twenty years ago,  still just as relevant and still just as ignored.

In the end, the job crisis raises the most fundamental question of human existence:  What are we doing here?  There is a colossal amount of work waiting to be done by human beings—building decent places to live, exploring the universe, making cities less dangerous, teaching one another, raising our children, visiting, comforting, healing, feeding one another, dancing, making music, telling stories, inventing things, and governing ourselves.  But much of the essential activity people have always undertaken to raise and educate their families, to enjoy themselves, to give pleasure to others, and to advance the general welfare is not packaged as jobs.  Until we rethink work and decide what human beings are meant to do in the age of robots and what basic economic claims on society human beings have by virtue of being here, there will never be enough jobs.


Employment is one thing the global economy is not creating.

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