Roger Cohen – An America that turns its back on immigration turns its back on itself.

In a Times op ed piece today Roger Cohen was talking about all that Romney-Ryan did not say in Tampa last week, and all that he hoped President Obama would say this week in Charlotte.

One item he mentioned was immigration. President Obama has recently breathed new life into the Dream Act by his executive order allowing the children of illegal immigrants to remain here and pursue the Dream. Hooray!

The Republicans, well they do seem to have forgotten how the country achieved greatness, and seem preoccupied with protecting their own backyards with a border fence, and of course their representatives in Congress rejected the Dream Act when they could have passed it. Helas!

Here is what Roger Cohen had to say:

The president needs to deal with the nature of American promise: the very Republicans hostile to immigration have just gone through a week devoted largely to rags-to-riches immigrant stories supposedly illustrating what the United States stands for. The hypocrisy, even from a fact-shy crowd, was staggering. An America that turns its back on immigration turns its back on itself: end of story.

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