U.S. Troops Arrive in Turkey

I read that,  U. S. Troops Arrive in Turkey


… to man Patriot missile-defense batteries near the Syrian border…. Syria has launched Scud missiles at targets near the Turkish border in the past. The troops will be under the control of NATO, but the missiles will be operated by the U.S. forces. 

Why are we doing this? Furthermore, who’s paying for it? Probably we are, the American tax payer, and we haven’t been asked, neither about this nor about any one of the thousands of overseas actions of our own armed forces, those of the present time, but also those thousands more going back at least to 1801 to Thomas Jefferson’s much more understandable actions to protect American ships and citizens against aggression from Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean.

Why do we continue to provide protection for the whole world, playing a kind of designated hitter role as the world’s policeman? In this instance why are we protecting Turkey from its neighbor, Syria, when Syria is not even a threat, let alone missile threat, to Turkey or to anyone else other than to its own people, those tens of thousands whom we’ve made absolutely no effort to protect. Why just a few days ago the U.N. announced that the overall death toll of Syrians had risen to 60,000. How many Turks have died in this war?

Then there is the fact that Turkey, although a NATO member, is definitely not an ally. Its longterm bordering on genocide treatment of its Kurdish population, a people like most peoples who only want what we want, that is, to be free to live their own lives, ought to convince you of this. Not to mention the Young Turk role in the slaughter of a million or more Armenians between 1918 and 1923, an event recognized by most of the civilized nations of the world but for which present day Turkey has yet to accept responsibility.

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