но как хорошо!

Reading Chekhov’s story, Le Duel, in Russian.  
The Deacon at the riverside picnic in the evening, exclaims:
 «Боже мой, как хорошо! — подумал он. — Люди, камни, огонь, сумерки, уродливое дерево — ничего больше, но как хорошо!»

“My God, how nice it is!” he thought. “People, rocks, the fire, the twilight, a monstrous tree — nothing more, and yet how fine it is!”

I remember our own camping experiences in particular one time in the seventies when we were on a way west to our friend’s home in Berkeley, CA, when our children were little and we would spend the nights while on the road out under the stars. 

как хорошо!  It didn’t take much.  —The arrival at the camp site in the dark, gathering wood, getting water, starting the fire and cooking our meal, then eating around the camp table near the fire, seeing the play all about us of light and shadow, the black background all around, the star studded sky overhead.

как хорошо!

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