The Racial Dot Map of the United States

Below is a section of the Racial Dot Map of Tampa, Florida. If you go to the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, at the University of Virginia you can peruse their Racial Dot Map, from which this section was taken, that utillizes one appropriately colored dot (see the key below) per person for the entire United States.

Now it’s not a secret that our cities are racially segregated, the top five are Milwaukee, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Tampa doesn’t even make it into the Business Insider’s Top Twentytwo most racially segregated cities but before you start cheering look closely at the map of Tampa. There you’ll see what appears to be a horizontal line, in fact Kennedy Ave, that sharply separates North Tampa which is mostly orange and green from South Tampa, where I live, which is almost all blue.

Not something anyone likes to talk about, how we’ve so successfully separated ourselves by what, —the color of our skin? Weren’t we all the very same color at one time in the recent (in respect to the history of the earth anyway) past, a mere 50,000 years ago when small bands of our ancestors began to leave Africa and little by little, over the next 30 to 40 thousand years, populated, usually as small bands of hunters and gatherers, the entire world. The segregation that we observe today was probably not a part of that migration, or at least there is no evidence from the past that there ever were blue, green, orange and red colored bands. Probably a strictly modern phenomenon, segregation. What will it take to end it?


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