Jerry Coyne in TNR, Does God Decide the Super Bowl Winner?

Well that does seem to be what most Americans believe. As Jerry says here,
the data reinforce the stereotype of the American as one who thinks God concerns Himself with who wins or loses a football game. And (I realize I’m harping on this), does this really comport with Sophisticated Theologians’ insistence that religious people see God not as an anthropomorphic being—or even a “being” that exists—bur rather as just a Ground of Being, the “meaning of meaning”?… 50% of Americans see God not as a Ground of Being, but a Gridiron of Being.

Jerry, your God as ground of being, and then as gridiron of being for millions of Americans does make one think… if only how unreliable is anything we’re standing on. But I didn’t really want to make a comment on your post, so much as ask you a question. Do you take questions? Probably not because you’d be quickly overwhelmed by their number.

But anyway here’s a question I’ve wanted to ask almost since I began reading your Blog in December of last year. It seems to me that WhyEvolutionIsTrue is always right there on the line, between those of us who mostly share your views, certainly about the truth of evolution, and those, still probably in the majority, who in one way or another are trying to go on living in an imagined earlier society or community where a God’s permanent presence in one’s daily life was unquestioned.

Now just a little familiarity with Darwin’s dangerous idea is more than enough to bring that belief into question, if not abandoning it entirely. So my question, — is that what you are trying to do with your Blog? Make people question their belief in God? Turn them into followers of Darwin and Jerry Coyne?

And if so do you see this happening, do you see Americans one day (in your lifetime perhaps?) celebrating Darwin’s great idea, as much say as they now celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, not to mention the SuperBowl. about to be celebrated tomorrow in New Jersey?

What is it that changes people’s beliefs? Is it realistic to think with the power of reason we can do so? Have we, have you ever seen that happen? I don’t think I have. If the change you’d like to see does come about, do you really believe that it will come about by efforts such as yours and Richard Dawkin’s and those of others like you?

In any case I find your Blog always interesting, often fascinating, but I’m a member of the chorus, and as a choral member I do enjoy the music that I hear coming from your multiple, daily postings. Although I was already an unbeliever, you have helped me to better understand just what it was that Darwin wrought, and just how much further now with Darwin’s help, as well as that of all the others who have followed in his footsteps, we can see into the natural world about us. (Although I’m not sure I appreciate the favored place you give to Hili in your postings.)

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