We do enjoy full-spectrum dominance in military operations…

Do you know Quora, a Questions-with-Answers website with a voting system attached to make visible only the best answers, that which eliminates all or most of the junk? The Quora site has attracted experts from many fields so the answers to the questions may very well be from those at the top of their respective fields.

One of this week’s questions was:

What are the different weapons systems that give the United States full-spectrum dominance in military operations?

While we do spend a bit more on our own military than all the other countries of the world combined spend on theirs we do forget sometimes just how powerful we are. And it may be that there is no enemy out there against whom we would ever use these weapons. But our just having in our possession the biggest stick, and waving it around a bit, probably does put off any would be attackers.

Anyway, here’s one answer to the question, from Chris Everett at Quora, in the form of a list of a few of our unbelievably effective and powerful weapons systems.

1.  The Gerald R. Ford Class supercarrier.  A fourth generation supercarrier, more efficient than it’s predecessors, and unmatched anywhere in the world.  These carriers and their battle groups allow the US to project power nearly anywhere in the world.  No other nation has the capability, but it’s not just about the carrier.  It’s about the 70 years of carrier operational history and experience.  We have this down to a science.

[For your information: The United States has 10 aircraft carrier groups. Russia has one. China also has one, and experts have said that it will take decades for the Chinese to catch up to the “far superior” American carriers, “if ever.” Russia and China’s aircraft carriers are aging dinosaurs and pose no significant threat to the United States.]

2.The Zumwalt class destroyer.  It’s going to be equipped with a railgun, a first in the world, and is the first large, deployed stealth ship.

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