Quora Question

Answer from Marcus Sampson
 (who while answering smiles politely):  “Build a massive nuclear ship in orbit. Load it with all the politicians, business moguls and religious leaders of the world. Then send it on a collision course for the asteroid in an effort to deflect it.”

Answer from Matt Chanoff:  “A fact?  Sure a meteor or two will hit earth in this time frame, but the last one big enough to really kill us all was 65 million years ago.  I think the one before that was about 450 million years ago.  So if that’s the normal interval (once every 385 million years) we most likely have another 320 million years to work things out.  If we survive that long (and still have intelligence) we’ll probably be able to deal with the thing, no problem.”

“On the other hand, there’s very remote chance that 1950 DA will hit us in 2880.  That’s a tougher nut – could we build an ark and survive off earth in just 870 years?  Maybe not to bring the whole human race somewhere habitable, or to make another planet in our solar system habitable, or to build an Ark big enough to just live in.  But still, considering that science just got really started about 300 years ago, if it keeps going for almost three times that long again, we’ll probably be safe.  At least from the asteroid.”

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