My blogs and LeBron James’ 3 pointers

Now what I’m about to write is of absolutely no significance. But that’s OK. How much of what we say or do is of no significance, how much of any significance?

Furthermore doesn’t what significance there is come not from anything intrinsic to the thing itself, but rather from something extrinsic, a kind of recognition by others bestowed on our words or actions? What would Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile have been in a world where others weren’t watching? The moon landing? Shakespeare’s King Lear?


All true, but shouldn’t we stop, cease looking to others for the meaning or value of what we say and do, for by stopping wouldn’t we be freeing ourselves from the tyranny of others, on the road to finding significance within ourselves, within our own words and actions?

I trust that Roger Bannister, Neil Armstrong, and William Shakespeare all found within themselves the meaning and value of what they did. Surely their accomplishments did not require a kind of validation by being recognized by others.

Just earlier today I read that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James in a game with the New Orleans Pelicans hit two 3-pointers to become the Cavaliers’ leader in 3 point baskets with 804, passing his closest competitor Mark Price, with 802. During some 8 playing years with the Cavaliers (he is back this year with Cleveland after four years with the Heat in Miami) James is averaging about one hundred 3 pointers a year.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James makes a three-point basket in the first quarter at Quicken Loans Arena. Nov 15, 2014, Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Well I thought, just today I posted my 823rd. blog. Since 2006, when I got started, that also comes to one hundred, 100 blogs a year. In regard to Blogs vs. Baskets James and I are neck and neck. Who’s going to pull ahead of the other? How much time is left to each one of us to go on playing?

Could this observation regarding blogs and hoops (as I say above, of absolutely no significance) be a comment on our times? James’ three pointers, every last one of them, were seen, or fully recognized by thousands. My blogs, every last one of them, were probably read by no one except myself and my partner.

What is it that my blogs lack that a basketball swishing throughout a hoop (granted coming from the hands of the world’s greatest ball player) seems to have? Well yes a comment on our own times but also on all times.


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