Look at them well, for they may not be with us for long.

Earlier this evening I “stumbled upon” this statement, “The African and Asian elephants are the only ones we have left!’ Enough to make me want to cry.

“…a couple million years ago, or so, every species that bore four tusks and elongated lower jaws eventually died off, leaving only Deinotheres and the more familiar-looking twin-tusked proboscidians like the stegodont, which lead to mammoths, mastodons, and several other species of proboscidean pachyderms.


And then just to think a bit of all, not just the elephant family members, that are no more, makes you want to cry, cry out to whomever or whatever is up there playing deadly games with us down here.
The picture below is only a drawing of what is no more, but there are those who even after seeing the evidence for the existence of these now extinct creatures still don’t believe?!


(This should make believers of us all.)

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