Falcon Hunters Become Fervent Preservationists


“We saw the birds as God’s blessing, like manna from heaven, and we hunted them more and more and depended on them more and more,” said R. Obemomo Jami, Pangti’s village manager, who like many Nagas is fervently Christian. “Then the world came to know that the Pangti village people have created a great sin. And so the village passed a ban.”

The New York Times,
JAN. 4, 2015

Millions of migrating Amur falcons passed unharmed through India in October and November after villagers in Pangti ordered a ban on hunting. CreditRamki Sreenivasan/Conservation India
Amur falcons, small birds of prey that feed mostly on insects, were slaughtered for food.CreditRamki Sreenivasan/Conservation India

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