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Chat Subject:FiOS Internet (Wireless Connectivity)

Your Question:

“An erratic internet connection. We often lose our internet connection, and are unable to send or receive email for a short period of time, usually daily. Do the routers ever need to be serviced or replaced? We’ve had ours for 5 years and only this past year have we begun to have connectivity problems.”

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent Srikanth has joined. (11:08:13)

Srikanth : Chat ID for this session is 05161534037. (11:08:13)

Srikanth(11:08:23): Thank you for contacting FIOS repair support. My name is Srikanth. May I confirm your telephone number as 8132058822?

Philip Waring(11:08:38): That’s right

Srikanth(11:09:03): Thank you for confirming!

Srikanth(11:09:18): A very good morning to you Philip!

Philip Waring(11:09:39): You too,  —how about my problem?

Srikanth(11:09:54): Thank you. I understand your concern. I will be glad to help you in this regard.

Srikanth(11:10:04): In case we need to follow up with you, may I have a preferred call back number ?

Philip Waring(11:10:18): The same one

Srikanth(11:10:28): Thank you.
May I know, since when you are facing the issue?

Philip Waring(11:12:26): It’s getting worse, perhaps over the past few months. Just this temporary loss of internet connection, not for long, maybe half hour or so, and I do as you suggest, turn the router off and on again, and yes this helps. But I don’t know why it our connection is interrupted and then comes back. Are these routers subject to problems after 5 or more years of service?

Srikanth(11:14:16): Philip, thanks for the information. Not to worry, I will do the best for you as we value you as a Verizon customer.

Srikanth(11:14:31): Please give me a minute. Let me check for the root cause of the issue.

Philip Waring(11:15:35): My present router is an Ultra line Series 3 Modell 9100 EM. Are these routers ever replaced?

Philip Waring(11:16:18): It’s a Westell SSID WM3KR

Srikanth(11:16:48): Philip, I have just checked with my supervisor and as you are privileged customer for Verizon I will fix the present issue and also send out a new upgraded router for you free of cost.

Srikanth(11:16:53): Sounds good?

Philip Waring(11:17:12): Sounds great.

Srikanth(11:17:47): Your ultimate satisfaction is Verizon’s sole objective! We at Verizon aim at whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Srikanth(11:18:02): Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Srikanth(11:18:17): Please confirm the shipping address.

Philip Waring(11:18:42): 3619 W San Juan St., Tampa, FL 33629

Philip Waring(11:18:17): Thank you, now when should I expect to see a new router?

Srikanth(11:19:07): Thank you. You will receive the new router through UPS by next business day.

Srikanth(11:19:37): Moreover, you need to send back the router you have now and you will not be charged anything for that.

Srikanth(11:20:42): Could you please confirm the e-mail address and also the cell phone number so that you will get tracking number information for your reference? You can track the shipment at the link www.ups.com

Srikanth(11:22:37): I hope I haven’t lost you on the chat?

Philip Waring(11:23:24): Here I am again. Do you need me for anything else?

Srikanth(11:23:50): Yes please

Srikanth(11:23:55): Please confirm the e-mail address and also the cell phone number so that you will get tracking number information for your reference? You can track the shipment at the link www.ups.com

Philip Waring(11:24:09): pbwaring@gmail.com,  813-205-8822

Philip Waring(11:24:44): OK, can I sign off now?

Srikanth(11:26:04): Sure Philip. Thanks for the details. In case if you face the issue till you receive the new router just hard reset the router by using Pin or Paperclip behind the router for 15 seconds.

Philip Waring(11:26:32): OK, I got it, the hard reset.

Philip Waring(11:26:58): And thanks very much. I’m off now. I hope you don’t need anything else from me.

Srikanth(11:27:08): Perfect! Yes, nothing else.

Help is always available on your computer either at Verizon.com or with In Home Agent on your TV by pressing menu on your Verizon remote to access customer support. Thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.
Have a great day. Take care!

Philip Waring(11:27:39): You too.

Srikanth(11:27:49): Thanks again.

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