Quora Question: What am I supposed to do in my early 20s?

This is Amrisha Vohra’sAV answer (read About Amrisha below). It does seem as though she had been reading the same Commencement addresses that I had. She lists what might have very well been the speakers’ words of advice as to what she is supposed to do with her life in her twenties, clichés all:

1. Make mistakes. Learn from them.
2. Dare to fall in love.
3. Take risks.
4. Learn something new.
5. Live alone at-least for some time.
6. Travel alone.
7. Make friends with people who are of different age, culture, speak a different language and are much different than you are.
8. Learn the importance of saving.
9. Join a cause you are passionate about. Stick to it!
10. Read a lot! write a lot!
11. Love your parents! Spend quality time with your family.
12. Live in the moment. Do not regret the past, or fear the future.
13. Learn to trust the right people. How? By trusting the wrong ones first!
14.  Do not compare yourself to anybody else.
15. Exercise, eat healthy, become fit.
16. Spend your money on experiences, not luxuries. Make memories.
17. Try out new things. Experiment! Get to know yourself better.
18.  Try your hand at adventure sports.
19. Learn to say no.
20. Experience is the best teacher.

Amrisha Vohra — was born and brought up in Delhi and graduated as an Electronics & Communications engineer from MAIT, GGSIPU. Currently working in Computational Photography as a Research assistant at CVIT, IIIT-Hyderabad. She describes herself as being outgoing, loves talking with people about anything and everything :), is also a fitness freak, a big foodie! and a diehard fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S 🙂

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