Is the fatal shooting of a 12 year old boy ever “reasonable”?

Well yes,  2 Outside Reviews Say Cleveland Officer Acted Reasonably in fatally Shooting Tamir Rice, 12, on November 22, 2014.

Here is some of the text from the Times article:

Two outside investigators looking into the death of Tamir Rice have concluded that a Cleveland police officer, Tim Loehmann, acted reasonably in deciding last year to shoot when he confronted the 12-year-old boy carrying what turned out to be a replica gun.

Those opinions, reached separately by a Colorado prosecutor and a former F.B.I. supervisory special agent, were released Saturday night by the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, Timothy J. McGinty, whose office will ultimately present evidence in the case to a grand jury to decide on possible criminal charges.

“The question is not whether every officer would have reacted the same way,” Kimberly A. Crawford, the retired F.B.I. agent, wrote in her report, which noted that Officer Loehmann had no way of knowing Tamir’s gun was fake. “Rather, the relevant inquiry is whether a reasonable officer, confronting the exact same scenario under identical conditions could have concluded that deadly force was necessary.”

And then a Google search for “Shooting of a 12 year old boy” finds nearly every news outlet (although I only cite the first ten or so) reporting that the “shooting was either reasonable in some accounts, or justified in others.  And we are all, I suppose, relieved. For on the face of it, a policeman with a real gun fatally shooting a boy with a toy gun is just an ugly scene. But given the circumstances it may be justified as the authorities concluded, but reasonable? There are those who believe that killing is never reasonable. Necessary perhaps. I don’t know what I believe. It does seem that as Jeb Bush says, “stuff happens.” But that’s no answer as others were quick to point out.

First the report in the Times, and then CNN, Yahoo News, Gawker, Fox News, and probably hundreds of others if I had looked beyond page one of my search.

Footage of the shooting was captured on a surveillance camera, and … A 12yearold with a gun, unquestionably old enough to pull a trigger, …

Reports: Officer’s shooting of boy with pellet gun justified

Yahoo News19 hours ago

Video: Cops Shot, Killed 12-Year-Old Two Seconds After ……

Nov 26, 2014 – Authorities released video this afternoon of a police officer fatally shooting 12year-old Tamir Rice this weekend in a Cleveland park. In the …



The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12yearold boy (born June 25, 2002 – died November 22, 2014), occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio. Two police …


Fox News Channel

21 hours ago – COLUMBUS, Ohio – A white Cleveland police officer was justified in fatally shooting a black 12yearold boy holding a pellet gun moments after …



8 hours ago – The police shooting death of Tamir Rice, a 12yearold Cleveland boy with a pellet gun, was reasonable, two experts say in reports for the …


Nov 26, 2014 – Uploaded by NoticiasYouTube

Tamir Rice Shooting: VIDEO Cleveland Cop Shoot 12 Year-Old Tamir …. 12-Year-Old Shot Killed Cleveland …

The Daily Beast

20 hours ago – Two reports by use-of-force experts have concluded that the police officer was acting reasonable when he shot the 12yearold boy.


Prosecutor Releases Report Calling Police Shooting Of ……/prosecutor-releases-reports-calling-sh

6 hours ago – A Cleveland cop was justified in fatally shooting Tamir Rice, a 12yearold boy carrying a toy gun, according to a pair of reports released on …

Police Shooting of 12YearOld Tamir Rice was Justified, Investigators Say. Sun, Oct 11. Investigators noted that Rice’s age was not relevant, and that the officer …

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