From V. S. Naipaul’s, Islamic Journey,

I encountered in my reading just last night in one of my recent digital book downloads, this paragraph from V. S.Naipaul’s Among the Believers, An Islamic Journey, Part Two, Pakistan, The Salt Hills of a Dream.
He writes

“The history of Pakistan and the Islamic Revolution in Iran is a reminder of the power of religion and the hollowness of secular cults. How the world works is the concern of science, and how society is to be governed is the affair of politicians, but what the whole thing means is the main concern of Iran and Pakistan. Politics is combined with religion in Islam. Iran and Pakistan can join hands to prove to the world that Islam is not just a faith of the past, practicing ancient rituals.”

Now I would ask, given that our writer from the Tehran Times is correct, how often have our leaders seriously considered (let alone taken into account and taken the appropriate steps, such as not going there in the first place) that the obstacles we have already and are still confronting in both countries and lands throughout the Middle East, are religion based, and that all our knowledge, our sciences, natural or political, will have little if any influence  among peoples where Islam is a strong and present belief, and “not just a faith of the past, practicing ancient rituals.”


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