Conspiracy Theory a la Iranian

In a Times article, Iran President Pushes Back Over Anti-US crackdown, an unidentified operative working for the Revolutionary Guards in an interview with state TV said:

that the crackdown aimed to dismantle a network of journalists that he called “pens for hire,” asserting they had sought to plant articles against national interests. “Their objective,” he said, “is to change the lifestyle of people and shape public minds.”

In other words our “objective,” that is, the objective of the American government including President Obama, is to shape the minds and thereby change the lifestyle of the Iranians.

It does sound like an anti-Iranian American conspiracy. Well not exactly, because we’re not hiding it, we’re not conspiring to change the life style of the Iranians, and in particular the members of the Revolutionary Guards. Rather it is exactly what we would most like to do. So if that’s the conspiracy we’re guilty and should be imprisoned.

Since the Cold War with Russia, and probably before, this has been our intention. For given a closed society, such as Iran, we would open it up. Furthermore, that is probably, although unstated, very much the intended intention of our journalists abroad, —to open up any closed society to the world, and of course thereby, as in this particular instance, bring down those doing the “closing,” the Revolutionary Guards along with their eminence grise the Ayatollah Kamenei.

To this we plead guilty.

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