Man’s, woman’s story is that of people moving in order to improve the conditions of their lives, let alone their chances of survival.

America’s story

is most of all that of people from other countries, first from England, then Germany, and now Mexico, China, and India, all moving here to create better lives for themselves.
20europe migrants

Europe’s story is no different. The people originally came to Europe from Africa and are still coming in particular to France and England from their former African and Asian colonies.

ellis Island immigrants

If the whole earth is now for the most part inhabited it’s because for most if, not all of the past 50,000 years men and women have been free to move about as they liked and saw fit.


And now? In this country, the country par excellence of immigrants, and of migrants, of all those who have sought out greater life chances for their families far from their family homes what is happening? Well believe it or not there are those in the country, not only Republicans, who would bring to a halt the free movement of peoples.16hungary-web-master675 And they would do so for selfish reasons, believing wrongly that the newcomers from Syria and Irak, from Mexico and El Salvador, would, while in most cases by hard work improving their own lot, take from those who are already here, that is the immigrants of an earlier generation. There are those who would do whatever it takes to keep the newest arrivals to our shores from staying.

Mexico TV Borderland
FILE – In this April 29, 2013 file photo, migrants ride on top of a northern bound train toward the US-Mexico border in Union Hidalgo in Oaxaca, Mexico. Al Jazeera America will air a series titled “Borderland” which takes average Americans with strong opinions about illegal immigration through the same deadly journey that is taken by people trying to reach the U.S. The series premieres on April 13, 2014. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo, File)

When you read almost daily the stories of the horrendous, inhumane conditions of those moving once again from the Middle East and Africa (again because the first Europeans came from Africa traveling through the Middle East some tens of thousands of years ago) doesn’t it make you wonder what is happening to the people already here? Do they have no sense of history, of the constant movement of peoples who by seeking out better living conditions for themselves have always made living conditions better for those already here?






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