The essence of liberalism is acceptance of our human limits and our human differences. It is acceptance of multiple and perhaps incompatible truths.

(And that’s our problem. One’s own limits, the limits or others, the differences between us are not readily or not at all accepted. And in the  worst cases of differences we go to war, and because now nuclear war is a possibility we’re afraid. PBW)


Perhaps Mr. Trump “misspoke,” ** as he described it, because he’s a relatively recent convert to the cause, unfamiliar with the doublespeak in which forcing women to give birth is a form of love, and punishment is the last thing on the anti-abortion movement’s mind. In his blundering way, he revealed the true logic of the case against legal abortion: If it’s murder, then murder has consequences. Too bad the moment of clarity couldn’t last.

[**”There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump said, for the woman who has an abortion.]


But one voice has not faltered during Europe’s refugee crisis: Angela Merkel’s. “We will cope,” she insists. As criticism grew louder, her popularity dipped to its lowest levels since 2011. For the first time in a long time, her position as chancellor no longer seemed impregnable. But the beat didn’t change: Wir schaffen das – “We will cope.” To the critics at home, as the number of asylum seekers swelled over the summer, she said Germany would continue to welcome refugees. Otherwise, she argued, it would “not be my country”.


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