Last Word on the History of Knowledge

New Yorker Cartoon, by Charles Barsotti

I do have two books on the History of Knowledge that I’m currently reading, so Charles Barsotti doesn’t get the last word.

Charles Van Doren’s, History

vandorenand Jennifer Nagel’s, Knowledge






The upshot of all these discoveries is deeply significant, not just for philosophy, but for us as human beings: There is no first-person point of view. Our access to our own thoughts is just as indirect and fallible as our access to the thoughts of other people. We have no privileged access to our own minds. If our thoughts give the real meaning of our actions, our words, our lives, then we can’t ever be sure what we say or do, or for that matter, what we think or why we think it.

Why You Don’t Know Your Own Mind. Alex Rosenberg, The Stone, July 18, ’16


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