This just about tells it all, doesn’t it.

Thankyou Roger Cohen for bringing it to my attention.
And Thankyou Lucy Nicholson for the shot.


Doaa Elghobashy, left, of Egypt and Kira Walkenhorst of Germany compete in the women’s preliminary beach volleyball during the Olympics in Rio. Credit Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Here’s a little of what Roger Cohen writes in his op piece from the Times of August 11:

Olympians in Hijab and Bikini

The photo, by Lucy Nicholson of Reuters, juxtaposes two women, two beliefs and two dress codes, brought together by sport. The world confronts less a clash of civilizations than a clash of identities, concertinaed in time and space by technology. The West’s image of Islam and the Muslim image of Western societies are often mutually incommunicable; the incomprehension incubates violence.

No area is as sensitive as that of the treatment of women, women’s roles, women’s sexuality, dress and ambitions. The story is often presented as one of Western emancipation versus Islamic subjugation. That, however, is an inadequate characterization.


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