Hillary’s “Deplorables.”

As Hillary herself has said,

she was definitely mistaken, if not wrong, to have used the expression  “basket of deplorables…. racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,deplorables to describe one half of the supporters of Donald Trump.

Mistaken (although perhaps not wrong) because the expression, if she were to hold onto it, would not help her campaign to be President of all Americans, including the deplorables.

During the most recent Republican Party primaries, Donald Trump received more votes than any previous candidate, some 16 million. (He also received some 15 million votes against him during those same primaries.) Half of 16 million, that’s a basket of 8 million “…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables.

Is that what they mostly are, Trump’s supporters, or at least a good number of them? I don’t know, but is that what we should be afraid of? An army of racist, sexist, homo- and xenophobics? I don’t think so.

In any case how would you ever make from the outside the determination of what they are inside? Are there racist, sexist or other characteristic colors and shapes that would enable us to make that determination? Black or White?

I don’t think that it’s this army of deplorables that we should even be talking about. And if there even were such, that we should be afraid of them. Much more fearful, much more frightening, more serious, is the fact that Trump’s supporters, not just half of them probably, but most of them are ignorant members, if there were still one, of a know-nothing political party.

For they seem to be going along quite contentedly, with Trump himself at their head, ignorant, for example, of the benefits of free trade. These people would no longer trade with the world, that foreign, unfriendly consortium that they are convinced is out to cheat them, to take their jobs, and instead they would put up a wall of tariffs to prevent their imports from ever reaching us (to cheat them back?), much as their leader Trump would put up a wall on our southern border to stop the flow of illegals from Mexico and other Central and South American countries.

That’s trade.  Then there’s immigration, the bête noire of the Know-Noting Party of 1849. Hasn’t our open immigration policy (or policies) throughout the few hundred years or so of its existence always been for us an enormous benefit? Millions of immigrants to our shores, along with the richness of our land and resources, have enabled us to become the leader of the free world, if not the whole world.

And a kind of open immigration, although less open than in years past, is still going on. There is still an endless line of people and families from other lands who come here wanting to have what we have, and for the most part are ready themselves to work to achieve it.  It is immigration (meaning people) and natural resources together that have most of all enabled our country to grow and prosper.

And what’s happening now? Well Donald Trump and Trump’s deplorables, would slow down, if not in certain cases stop the flow of immigrants. This could be lamentable, tragic for the country, for the immigrants are even more important now than earlier given that the natural resources of the land are no longer as plentiful as they once were.

Immigration will help us to go on prospering, replacing diminished supplies of coal, oil, land and water with human resources in the form of immigrants to our shores. Trump himself and his followers, being know-nothings , don’t seem to know this fundamental fact.

So there is much to say about the real deplorables within the party of Donald Trump. And if ever he does win the presidency we’ll hear much more from and about them. That which we trust will never be.

Perhaps the very  greatest lack among Trump’s supporters is a practical knowledge of the world, due probably mostly to their abysmal ignorance of the findings and achievements of modern science.

One might even say that most of all they are deplorable (lamentable, shameful, inexcusable) in that they still hold onto ancient tribal beliefs, to ways and customs of the Middle Ages. The Bible, much as the Koran for their fellow believers, is the book where they go to learn about the world, and worse how to live. From that it follows just how insane is their world.

Can you imagine that? That somehow these millions have remained  ignorant  and unaware of the writings and discoveries of the great men and women of the physical and biological sciences? Have you ever heard them even mention either evolution or global warming? Except to say that neither one is real? And these people, the followers of Trump, still living in the past, would lead our country into the future. That is deplorable.

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