The Post Human World

I take the following text from this week’s Atlantic, from Derek Thompson’s piece, The Post-Human World:

“These have been three scourges in human history, those of famine, plague, and war. But today people in most countries are more likely to die from eating too much rather than too little, more likely to die of old age than a great plague, and more likely to commit suicide than to die in war.”

Also from the same Derek Thompson piece I take the first of the two pictures below, the one strikingly different from the other. (Could the implicit comparison be intentional? On my part it was.)

The one having us holding, shaking hands with a robot, having us close to the robot in the “post-human world” that is coming, and with the help of science, and the robots, a world without the three scourges of famine, plague, and war, but also a brave new world without (a) God?

And when we compare this picture  with that of Michelangelo’ s painting, The Creation of Adam from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in this detail of the hands of God and Adam, well what are we to understand?

In Michelangelo’s painting the hands of God and Adam are stretched out toward one another, nearly touching, Adam’s hand being made to appear limp, that of God strong. In the other??

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