What Donald Trump should have said on 1/20/2017 — “We’ve got to go forward.”

“Emaa, someday you are going to have to drag yourself, kicking and screaming if necessary, into this century. You want to keep the family at home, keep the tribe together and make the old values what they were.”

Kate leaned forward, her fists on the table, and spoke earnestly, looking straight into her grandmother’s eyes so like her own.

“It’s not going to happen,” she said. “We have too much now, too many snow machines, too many prefabs, too many satellite dishes bringing in too many television channels, showing the kids what they don’t have. There’s no going back.”

“We’ve got to go forward, bringing what we can of the past with us, yes, but we’ve got to go forward. It’s the only way we’re going to survive.”

Kate Shugate, in Dana Stabenow’s A Cold Day For Murder

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