Administrative State 5

Bannon was right about this,

for if we would, as he would, radically change the way we do things we would have to begin by laying siege to the administrative state, or, in his own words, wage “a daily fight for its deconstruction.” But it’s not going to happen of course. For the administrative state, not the liberal and democratic rule of law state of Francis Fukuyama, is here and marks the End of History.

Furthermore there is nothing else so distinctive about any major country or state where liberal and democratic values are still adhered to, if in word only, than their mostly liberal and open administrative structure (unlike the comparable closed and reactionary administrative structures of the totalitarians, these being, Helas!, still almost everywhere).

If the Western world along with a few Asian countries, maybe Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong et al., remains somehow a global whole as it were, representative of a still together global society, it has to be because of the resemblances between their relatively transparent and open state structures.

And it follows that to undo their being together, our being together as Bannon and now Trump would have it, to undo the resulting globalism, we have to begin by undoing the globalism within our own country.

It’s interesting that just the other day, during one of the more and more frequent word squabbles between Trump’s principal supporters, this one between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, Bannon called Kushner a “cuck,” as in cuckservative, and worse, a ‘globalist,’ and even worst than that a “democrat.”

(Sorry, haven’t had time yet to finish this blog, and I’m still writing it while driving my car to one of the principal agencies of our own administrative state, the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles, and am a bit fearful, knowing that whatever happens at the bureau there will be no possible appeal on my part to, say, a higher authority, to one of the much admired judicial, legislative, and executive powers of our country. Higher than the DMV? There’s nothing higher.)

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