The (bad) news from France, Что делать?

The French national assembly now belongs to Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche, but his absolute Assembly majority represents a majority of less than one half, about a third of the voting public. More than one half of the “voting” public didn’t vote!

assemblée Generale

LEGISLATIVES 2017 – L’avertissement du premier tour n’aura pas convaincu les électeurs récalcitrants. Après avoir battu un premier record dimanche dernier, l’abstention a franchi un nouveau pallier ce dimanche 18 juin à l’occasion du second tour des élections législatives. D’après les projections des instituts de sondage, la participation pour ce huitième tour de scrutin en moins d’un an ne devrait pas dépasser 43%, installant l’abstention à un niveau inégalé pour désigner les députés de la nation.

So this is not good, but bad news!

Les Français n’ont jamais aussi peu voté pour désigner leurs députés.

Un panneau appelant à la participation tagué du mot “abstention” aux élections régionales de 2010.

Is government possible? Will it be possible for the new president to govern? When so many huge and difficult and extremely complicated reforms are necessary, when the direction of the whole country has to be changed if real progress is to be made, what can Macron do with just a third or less of the electorate behind him? Because of those who could vote less than one third voted for him.

And we know that the people who don’t vote, those who didn’t vote and most especially didn’t vote for Macron, will not hesitate to take to the streets when faced with what are always unpopular government reform efforts. And from the streets they will lead a well entrenched opposition to any reform, reform which in most cases, as in our own country and in most of the Western democracies, means giving back some of the people’s benefits and advantages earned from generations of earlier struggles. And who among the people, any people, will do that willingly?

Always the same question, Что делать? What is to be done? Something other than taking to the streets? What will that be, what will happen in France?


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