Science and Religion, One

Science in the United States is still an outlier. In spite of what one might expect science is not pushing religion out of the main stream. Our politicians, and later and too often our representatives, invariably begin their political lives adhering to what I call “God statements.”  —”Let us pray, in God we trust, God bless your work, God bless us everyone. God bless America, Pray to God for a good outcome, Keep her in your prayers…” There are hundreds of these statements, familiar to the politicians and the people, God’s people, those whom they represent.
The great irony is that we live in a world that is almost entirely the creation of science and its technology powered children. A world where God’s presence is now, as more than ever before, nowhere to be seen, or even felt, in our science and technology driven lives.
This situation is almost the exact opposite of earlier periods, such as the European Middle Ages, when religion (if not God’s presence) dominated the details of our lives, from birth to death, as much or more than does science today.
Yet our leaders today (especially the Republicans whose electors see themselves as “God’s people”) not wanting to recognize what has happened, what modern science has wrought, go on among themselves, as well as before their public, speaking not the language of science but the God language, the God bless and all the rest, but not the language of God which was and still is unknown to all.
Today the language of science is not only not spoken but is as foreign to our President and probably to most of our politicians, as Chinese or ancient Greek, and probably in their thinking of less importance to the country, than Chinese certainly if not Greek.
So what is to be done? Science has to become the main stream, and not just enter it. And if there is a chance of solving any of our problems, inequality being at the top of the list, it has to be through science and in particular through evolutionary science, this time around as opposed to the 20th. c. and the Nazis, a science of right and wrong as much as a science of the structure of matter. We no less than the cosmos have our own evolutionary history and the sooner we recognize it and get to know it the better….

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