Messaging threads

In our family more and more we use messaging, and when there’s an event or subject that concerns us all, such as Josée’s fall last year when she broke an arm and a leg, we will all contribute, and we’re excited and delighted by the exchange. And it may continue for a few days or more.

But then we will notice that the « event thread » is silent and we will wonder what happened.

Well then I got this note from Rokhaya, our middle daughter, —-

« Thanks. Let’s text more often! What happened to the Paris Tampa Gloucester thread? «  (A big event of which I speak, this one being a family business trip to Paris.)

Yes,I asked myself, what did happen to all the new contributions that we were accustomed to receiving and wrote Khaya:

Hi, and Bonne soirée,

« You asked, « What happened? »

Isn’t it what happens when most things end, the contributors stop contributing? But also the multiple member threads such as P-T-G are not religiously maintained and are inevitably broken up into what seem innumerable pieces. In my messages right now I count 70 odd threads, and mostly two people threads going back just one year to 11/19/16!

What to make of all that? I wish I knew. Actually aren’t our lives constantly broken up into mostly non-recoverable pieces. And very few of us, writers scientists… attempt to hold onto them. Marcel Proust for one did and we still marvel at his achievement.

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