What we’ve learned!!

while Trump and his base go on reading the stories from the Bible.

Will the millions who voted for Trump, at best Evangelists or followers of the Evangel or the Christian Gospel, ever discover for themselves the true history of the earth, and of the evolution of life on the earth?

What we’ve learned, or what has to be the greatest story ever told, might begin something like this:

The Earth is ridiculously, burstingly full of life. Four billion years after the appearance of the first microbes, 400m years after the emergence of the first life on land, 200,000 years after humans arrived on this planet, 5,000 years (give or take) after God bid Noah to gather to himself two of every creeping thing, and 200 years after we started to systematically categorise all the world’s living things, still, new species are being discovered by the hundreds and thousands….

(To continue reading go to:  —https://www.theguardian.com/us. A-different-dimension-of-loss— great-insect-die-off-making the sixth-extinction.)


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