David Brooks, like him or love him

Here I’m with David Brooks, with what he writes below in his column,

The Decline of Anti-Trumpism. Of course I’m not now and have never been with the President’s anti-immigrant, evangelical and bigoted base of sycophantic Republicans and white supremacists led by Hannity, Pence and their ilk.

Nor am I with the anti- and never Trumpists as portrayed in Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury, Inside the White House,

No. But I’m very much with David Brooks as he writes in today’s piece:

“…are we going to restore the distinction between excellence and mediocrity, truth and a lie? Are we going to insist on the difference between a genuine expert and an ill-informed blow hard? Are we going to restore the distinction between those institutions like the Congressional Budget Office that operate by professional standards and speak with legitimate authority, and the propaganda mills that don’t?”

There’s a hierarchy of excellence in every sphere. There’s a huge difference between William F. Buckley and Sean Hannity, between the reporters at this newspaper and a rumor-spreader.”

Brooks says that our struggle should be to maintain those distinctions, not to contribute to their evisceration.

But, alas! so few seem to be doing this!

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