What separates us? Open and Closed Minds, according to Thomas B Edsall

How open or closed is your mind? The political divide in the United States now separates people by how open or closed are their minds.

(As an example, closed minds are: the leaders of the Senate and House, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

IMG_1630.pngAs for open minds I’ll leave that to you.)

“Trump has purposefully exacerbated the “many especially acrimonious political debates” now dominating public discourse, deepening not only the authoritarian divide, but the divide between open and closed mindedness, between acceptance and racial resentment, and between toleration of and aversion to change. He evidently believes that this is the best political strategy for presiding in the White House and winning re-election, but it is an extraordinarily destructive strategy for governing the country and for safeguarding America’s interests in the world.”

The contract with authoritarianism.  by THOMAS B. EDSALL, NYTimes, 4/5//2018

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