Love Quora

Why? Because of the original, smashing answers to the Quora questions that I’m always getting when I go to the Quora site. For example:

Original question:  I am filled with pride because Trump is the president. What do liberals think about this?

First answer from Douglas Dea:

Can’t speak for others, but this liberal thinks you have very low standards for pride. What next? Pride that you can tie your own shoes? Pride you can wash a dish by hand? Pride you can use the bathroom by yourself?

For the most part we don’t think about it. We know there is a minority population within the US that likes Trump and thinks, beyond all evidence, that he is doing a good job. There will always be fan boys who will rave over something awful no matter how awful it is. The majority of us will sit back and sneer and laugh and pity.

I would implore you to learn more about the man, the things he has done and said. I implore you to use the library to its fullest extent. But by this time if you still feel this way about Trump I know you will not.

Then a second “smashing” answer from Cynthia Decker;

 Cynthia Decker

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