Bananas, Apes, and then Us

QUORA QUESTION and ANSWER for the Republican true believers in the US Congress. (And they might read it out loud to their president.)




Evolution is not a religion and Darwin is not its prophet.

What is considered true in evolution is not necessarily what Darwin thought or wrote, but what is currently held true by experts in the field.

One does not repair a jet fighter from manuals drawn by the Wright brothers.

In science, as in engineering, only historians care what anybody said 150 years ago, even if he was a founding genius.

As for apes: Darwin was aware of the religious implications of his work, and was content to let others speak of apes.

Here’s what we know, with absolute certainty, in the 21st century:

We are not only descended from apes, we are apes, in [most] every respect.

Don’t believe it?

Ninety-six percent of your DNA is the same as that of a chimpanzee.

Don’t believe in evolution?

Sixty percent of your DNA is the same as that of a banana.

This information comes from brand new machines that analyze and compare DNA, not just from [moldy] old texts.

Believe it.

Bruce Doran, April, 2018

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