The question went something like this: what would it take to make an atheist believe, or what argument would send an atheist back to God? What would it take to destroy atheism forever?

I don’t remember the exact question but I do have below the exact answer, although without the author’s name.  (When I find his name I’ll add it to this post.

Atheist here. Looking from the inside of the vast atheist conspiracy, I am prepared this moment, to give you the very key that will destroy atheism forever!

If you do this—you can crush atheism, and shut us down cold. Turns out, we are far more vulnerable than most Christians realize. It’s really simple—there’s one thing you need to do—and only one thing. Do this, and atheism is destroyed.

Do I have your attention? Are you ready?


Provide some hard, verifiable evidence for your God and the other supernatural claims of your religion. Do that—and you will crush atheism everywhere, and save millions of people’s souls.

The evidence must be objective, reliable, observable in some way, even if indirectly. It must hold up under scrutiny by multiple independent observers who would love to prove you wrong, but are forced by the weight of the evidence to agree with your conclusions. And the evidence must point to your religious conclusions as the only, or at least the best/simplest explanation, and there must not be a competing explanation that is better, and there must not be contradictory evidence of similar or better quality. As a bonus, I’ll even throw in a list of things that won’t do it. This will help you to avoid wasting your time and mine!

  • Faith. Sorry—”faith” is just shorthand for “I have no evidence or rational justification for believing, but I’m going to do so anyway and I demand you do also.”
  • The Bible. Sorry—anyone can write anything, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Other religions have their holy texts too—yet they don’t convince you of those other religions, do they?
  • Subjective reasons, personal convictions, experience, etc. Sorry—you’re making an objective claim (that your religious claims are true for everyone, not just you)—so I want objective evidence. Other religions have their subjective evidence too.
  • Arguments from existence or ignorance. Sorry—but “how else do you explain…” is a lousy argument—at one time, people used that to justify that the sun was a god. Our ignorance is no excuse for inserting the supernatural as an excuse to believe.
  • Threats of Hell or wagers. Do the threats from other religions move you to believe in them? Threats of Hell are a sign you’re playing with an empty hand.
  • Vague philosophical arguments. When was the last time a believer said “The Ontological Argument—that’s the one that blew me away!” Such arguments are used by apologists in professional debates to provide a thin veneer of intellectual and philosophical respectability to theistic arguments, but they are fallacious and convince no one.
  • The Argument from Design. Sorry—the universe is clearly not designed, but I don’t have the time and patience to explain this now. I’ll go into more detail if this point becomes a focus of replies.

So there you go. Your task is clear, and it should be simple to provide such evidence if an actual god really existed as described by believers. The evidence would be overwhelming. But after thousands of years of the very best and brightest theist minds striving mightily to do so, no one has ever been able to provide evidence of the sort I described above. I wonder why?


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