Proof of Evolution?

This all began with first the QUORA QUESTION:

Can I see some proof for evolution? Everyone talks about it like it is a fact, but I have never seen any real evidence.

[Why do I even raise the question? Because evolution needs no further proof. But our President’s base, that is his millions of followers  (yes, millions as hard as those numbers are to be believed) don’t believe in evolution, nor in global warming, nor that questions of race and sexual preference are not to be imposed upon them by external, governmental or religious, authorities, but are best left to individuals to resolve for themselves.]

AND then the QUORA ANSWER, given by Christopher Storm:

What follows below is in the form of several pictures. Storm says that this is the simplest, most visually friendly proof for evolution that he knows. For how else would you explain the homologies below? That is, the structural similarities within two species which are best explained by a common developmental, or shared evolutionary origin.

The colored parts alow you to identify the corresponding bones in the different animals. If there are differences it’s because the animals have adapted to different pressures. But the homologies are there because we have the same ancestors.

Human hands and dog paws when seen side by side share the exact same bones although in slightly different places. The thumb of the human is a vestigial part of the dog’s foot, appearing in subsequent generations but no longer used for the same purpose, if at all.



Homologies of the forelimb in six vertebrates:




Then in the comparison below, of the same bones shared between humans and large cats (and horses), it is clear that many mammals have very similar skeletal structures regardless of their different ways of locomotion.



There is a nerve in the human body, the Laryngeal nerve, that is about 10 cm. long as it passes through the thorax, and during its passage well connected to other parts.




The corresponding laryngeal nerve in the giraffe is almost eight metres long as it also passes through the thorax of the giraffe.


So why do we need yet another proof of evolution? Well and once again it’s because of the number of non-believers (non-believers in evolution) among us.


The Millions who make up a large part of Trump’s base and who do not accept the truth of evolution.

Michael Shermer writes about them:

It is evident that there are a number of extra-scientific variables that factor into the beliefs people hold about scientific theories, and in this case additional polling data show who is more or less likely to accept evolution based on their religious and political attitudes.
In a 2014 Gallup Poll 69 percent of Americans who attend religious services weekly embrace creationism over evolution, compared to only 23 percent of those who seldom or never attend religious services.
A 2013 Pew Research Center survey found that white evangelical Protestants are more likely to believe that humans have existed in their present form since the beginning of time at 64 percent, compared to half of black Protestants and only 15 percent of white mainline Protestants.
A 2017 Gallup Poll found that 57 percent of those with no religious preferences agreed with the statement “Humans evolved, God had no part in process” compared to only 6 percent of Protestants and 11 percent of Catholics, and only 1 percent of those who attend church weekly agreed with this statement, compared to 35 percent who rarely attend church.

When will this change? Probably not in my lifetime. And certainly not during Trump’s presidency.

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