“He’s usually incurious, abnormally unintelligent…”

I just today discovered this website,  https://twitter.com/JRDuquette, for the very first time. Was JRDuquette a real person? or was this just an anonymous Twitter site?

I didn’t know, and doing Google searches, my usual method, didn’t help me much. Anyway, I was struck by the writer’s cartoons, in particular by two of them, one making fun of the President (this activity has become a major growth industry, in the country and in the world) and the other of his Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, and I wanted to pass them on to my not thousands of followers, but maybe 50 or occasionally a few more.

Hitchens 2


Well these two I especially liked, and especially appreciated the words of the late Christopher Hitchens who died I can’t believe it was that long ago in December of 2011. For Christopher, whom I had never met, was so much in my thoughts and for so long, and he still is. “He’s dead? No he can’t be. When did it happen, yesterday?”

For he’s still so very much alive. I miss terribly his sensitive, perceptive, and highly intelligent commentary on all sorts of things, often things that apparently interested both of us as much. Oh what I would give now to have his commentary from wherever he may be on President Trump. What a grand target Trump would make, would have made for Christopher’s arrows.

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