The wall that President Trump should be building

That’s the wall between the church and  the state, which the President is currently dismantling.


In 1631 the Massachusetts authorities and Roger Williams would have it out over their great dispute, but they would not settle it, nor is it settled now. For their dispute defined for the first time two fault lines that have run continuously through four hundred years of American history, fault lines which remain central to defining the essential nature of the United States of America today.

The first was the more obvious: the proper relation between what man has made of God—the church—and the state.

The second was the more subtle: the proper relation between a free individual and the state—the shape of liberty, the form American individualism would take.

What Williams had largely already learned in England would lead him to prophesy the former;  what happened to him during that Boston winter and after would lead him to articulate the latter.

ROGER WILLIAMS and THE CREATION of the AMERICAN SOUL Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty  by  JOHN M. BARRY]



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