Christian Winter, Evolution & the Big Bang

Christian Winter
Christian Winter, Evolution actually is not that difficult

Is the Big Bang actually possible?

We don’t know. That does not imply God.

People that argue against evolution say “how can something come from nothing”.

That’s not an argument but a question which has nothing to do with evolution. Evolution deals with the question how the species we have today could have developed from first life. How first life came into existence is still unclear. We have some ideas but nothing conclusive.

The question also is inadequate. Life did not come from nothing. Life, as it seems somehow came from inanimate matter. That is not nothing.

What is your argument and proof of evolution and the Big Bang theory?

That evolution is happening needs no proof, because it’s not a theory but an observation. We can clearly see that from millions of fossils we found. We can see that with microorganisms exposed to antibiotics. The current theories of evolution simply are our most plausible explanations for that phenomenon.

Same goes for the Big Bang. We have a ton of evidence that points in that direction. It’s the most plausible explanation. What is beyond that, we cannot tell. All our models break down within a Planck environment around the Big Bang. Maybe we will never know. Again, that does not imply God.


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