A javelin embedded in a Mammoth’s Rib a reminder of who we are.

Why does Mike Pence terrorize me? Actually all the Trump band of Republican Senators, seemingly without spines of their own, and who fawningly go along with everything the president says, no matter how preposterous, terrorize me. How can this be possible, that these grown mostly men, like the vice president, some almost as old as I am, men who should know better, can accept without blinking the lies of their president? Enough to terrorize me.

I remember my father, a Republican all his life. What would he say today about the republicans, about his party? “Hey Dad, wherever you are what do you think?”

Now, back to the javelin embedded in a mammoth’s rib, dating from just 25000 years ago… the javelin throwers were Pence’s ancestors, mine too. Do Pence and the others like him today ever think that most of our history, man’s history, is for the most part prior to Adam and Eve, prior to the birth and Crucifixion of Jesus?

In fact nearly all of man’s history precedes that of whatever history the bible and other religious texts may contain, and about this much longer history we’ve only just begun to learn. Shouldn’t we be looking more and more closely at this history, for it’s from that we have most to learn. This history, our history, is some tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years long. Shouldn’t we cease going primarily to religious texts for our understanding of the nature of man? The biblical stories, and other such are just stories, after all, and in good part made up. The science of evolution, is non fiction, not made up, and looks closely and those hundreds of thousands, millions of years and more of our history, and has much, much more to tell us about who and what we are. Let the javelin embedded in the Mammoth’s rib remind us of this fact.

25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth’s Rib

25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth's Rib

Credit: Shutterstock

About 25,000 years ago, ice age hunters in what is now Poland threw a light spear known as a javelin at a mammoth. Now, the discovery of that javelin, still embedded in the mammoth’s rib, has revealed a major surprise: the first evidence that ice age people in Europe used weapons to hunt the giant beasts.

Previously, researchers wondered whether our ancestors had killed mammoths by trickery, for instance, by chasing them into pits or off cliffs. Or, perhaps ice age hunters targeted weak or sick mammoths that were easy to finish off.

But now, “we finally have a smoking gun, the first direct evidence of how these animals were hunted,” Piotr Wojtal, an archaeozoologist at the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals at the Poland Academy of Sciences in Kraków, told Science in Poland, a site run by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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