Igor, Is this you now?

Hey Igor, It seems to me that when I knew you in Moscow  in the spring of 1991, the time of the Gulf War that we listened to on your radio, you did keep up a healthy lifestyle.  What did you do? Tennis was it, or perhaps jogging, although that’s not what I remember most about you. No, what I remember is drinking a lot of vodka which was plentiful at that time right at the end of the Soviet Union. while sitting there at your kitchen table à la Sakarov and chewing on the remains of a fish that had been hanging outside on what I think was also your clothesline.

Good times! I hope what you’ve sent us on FB is not a true image of Igor today.

Also, you might check my translation. Do you remember my old pocket dictionary that always accompanied me during our Moscow walks? Well I still have it, out today and on my desk as I translate: Рано или поздно наступает такоӣ возраст…



Рано или поздно наступает такоӣ возраст, когда
Sooner or later there comes such an age, when
больше нет смысла вести здоровый образ жизни
there is no longer any sense to lead a healthy lifestyle
Но ещё пока вести интересный
But still while leading an interesting (life)

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