Questions for the Donald. Here’s one to begin with.

I have a question, actually a lot of questions for you, Donald Trump. I don’t know why these questions and others have never been asked, let alone answered (at least to my knowledge). Perhaps it’s because your life up until now has taught you that questions are never to be answered directly, or truthfully, because you’d only get into big trouble if you ever did. Perhaps you’ve learned from your own experience that, as Shakespeare tells it, truth is a dog and must be kenneled. For whatever reason truth, and truthful answers, don’t seem to be a part of your make-up, but are rather dogs, and if allowed out must at a minimum be locked away in a kennel.

So while I have questions I don’t expect truthful answers from you. Here’s my first question— why did you question Barack Obama’s place of birth? One answer I come up with is that your questioning of Obama’s citizenship places you in the news, and being in the news, being talked about is most often the primary motive in what you say or do. Being in the news is what most empowers you. You’ve never liked being passed over. As you will be, btw, if you lose as expected the presidential election of 2020.

There are some things I could say about the Donald Trump I’ve come to know, not the realtor Trump of NYCity, whom I didn’t know, occupied as he was, as the NY Times has made clear, with spending and losing his father’s hundreds of millions. But the Trump whom I first noticed was the one who began to appear in the media questioning the birth place of Obama. And again, one answer to the question is easy, to get the Media’s attention.

At the time in 2008, when Obama was running for president and John McCain was a much respected leader in the Senate the two of them together were getting the attention that Trump wanted for himself.  And his strategy for doing that and getting the media’s attention was simply to put the two of them down, while lifting himself up, by questioning Obama’s citizenship and McCain’s courage. And amazing, and surprising as this seemed then, and still seems to me now, Trump had no trouble finding supporters who agreed with him and who would become his base and who would stick with him right up until now.

In fact, both putdowns were enough to put Trump and keep him in the news, where he’s really been ever since. Trump seemed to know from the beginning how to grab and hold the media’s attention. In that regard how much has Trump’s success resulted from the media/s constant attention. When he spoke against McCain’s courage shouldn’t the media, shouldn’t all of us, have dropped him like an empty coke can.

If there was/is any greatness in our country, it is/was much more in the stories of these two men, Obama and McCain, and others like them. Trump is not a real man, a whole man. There are missing parts to him, the greatest parts missing at least for me, being, one, the ability to tell the truth (about himself), and two, being able to laugh (at himself). If he had had any real understanding of our country’s greatness to restore even a part of that greatness he ought to have celebrated at his “rallies,” not made fun of, such stories as the stories of these two men.

So Donald, you really didn’t know what you were doing, did you, other than getting a lot of attention, that on which you have always mostly fed. It’s really no different from now, when you most feed yourself, not on the real issues and needs of the country, but on the whoppers and diet cokes you stuff yourself with while watching TV.

But there’s another answer to my question, about why Trump put down Obama, and that will be the subject of my next blog.

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