Quora wisdom

Do you think that Donald even knows that the Quora internet site exists? I don’t think he has any idea. I think Quora is just about the best we can have/do on the internet. Quora comes in the form of answers to submitted questions, the answers illustrating more often than not the wisdom of common sense.  Common sense, I would say,  is the knowledge , sometimes designated as wisdom, that we share, knowledge, that has come to us over the some tens of thousands of years of our species’ existence, thanks to the countless observations and note taking of science and its practitioners.  Actually all, of us, to to the extent we are human, are all scientists. We are always looking about us and “taking down” what we see.

This kind of common sensical knowledge doesn’t come from religion. Religion is all that science is not, often all dogma rather than discovery, as some have put it, and whose, practitioners, shamans, ministers, priests, rabbis, monks, magicians et al.. have mostly led themselves and the rest of us astray, while inflicting upon us untold suffering, causing millions of unnecessary deaths most often by something as an insubstantial difference of opinion, a little difference that too often leads to genocide and war. While science is no less subject to differences of opinion these differences have never led us, as have religions, to the brutal exterminations of the ones out of power by those in power

Anyway getting back to my subject, Quora (the plural of quoram, both words, meaning the group of people required to carry over a transaction in an organization, that is the requisite number of those needed to get the business done. Why was this name chosen for the web site. I don’t know.

Here’s the Quora question and answer for today:


Mats Andersson
Mats Andersson, Professional Translator English into Swedish (1991-present)

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