Moscow Nights

Watch this video. The voices of Moscow Nights are the very best. They are true. They sing the truth of who we are.

Their voices will help you forget the voices of Moscow Mitch, Putin, and his buddy Donald Trump who never tell the truth. The three of them, Mitch, Putin and Trump (and any number of others, including Pence, Barr, and Pompeo, reveal the very worst of whatever they are.

Who are they? Why do they do and say the terrible things they do and say? Why do the lie. Why is there no truth in their words? And as for Trump in particular, why does he always lie? Has he ever told the truth about anything?

Подмосковные вечера 

Не слышны в саду даже шорохи, 
Всё здесь замерло до утра. 
Если б знали вы, как мне дороги 
Подмосковные вечера. 

Речка движется и не движется, 
Вся из лунного серебра. 
Песня слышится и не слышится 
В эти тихие вечера. 

Что ж ты, милая, смотришь искоса, 
Низко голову наклоняя? 
Трудно высказать и не высказать 
Всё, что на сердце у меня. 

А рассвет уже всё заметнее. 
Так, пожалуйста, будь добра. 
Не забудь и ты эти летние 
Подмосковные вечера.

Moscow Nights

Even whispers aren’t heard in the garden, 
Everything has died down till morning. 
If you only knew how dear to me 
Are these Moscow nights. 

The river moves, unmoving, 
All in silver moonlight. 
A song is heard, yet unheard, 
In these silent nights. 

Why do you, dear, look askance, 
With your head lowered so? 
It is hard to express, and hard to hold back, 
Everything that my heart holds. 

But the dawn’s becoming ever brighter. 
So please, just be good. 
Don’t you, too, forget 
These summer, Moscow nights. 

Translation by University of Pittsburgh Department of Slavic Languages

And don’t forget to watch and listen to the very lovely young person below, Maria Zdorovetskaya, of Russian Songs.

Russian Songs

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