Grassley on Transparency

Chuck Grassley, the president pro tempore of the Senate, when asked if he had seen evidence of quid pro quo said:

“No, there’s plenty to discredit. That gets me back to the basic thing we need, transparency… How can I even answer your questions? The only person whose been transparent in this whole process is the President.”

My son’s only comment to Grassley ‘s words was: “WHAT!!!???!!!!!!!!!’
And my own comment, “Yeah!!! What??’

These people, House Republicans, and then Grassley and the other Republican Senators who ultimately are ennabling Trump to go on doing his “dirty” work, are the very people whom I find hardest to swallow. And I’m close to crying out from frustration and anger at their stupidities when I hear their comments about Impeachment, when I hear coming from them, “Quid Pro Quo? There was none!”

Then there were suddenly upon us the Republican crazies, conspiracy theorists, led by such as Matt Gaetz from Florida, Steve Scalise from Louisiana, Jim Jordan from Ohio. They had staged a break-in during the Impeachment hearing into the House chambers (October 22), apparently pushed by Trump himself. That also enough to make you cry out. We are close to being lawless, without a sherif to lead the violators out of the room. We once again need a Wyatt Earp to come in and clean up the town.

Grassley had said as he vainly tried to answer questions from the Press, that which so startled me and my son, that, “The only person who has been transparent in this whole process is the President.”

Well, I guess you might say that the president has been transparent, in fact he’s always transparent, because when you look closely enough you see there’s nothing there.

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