Civil War in the making

On the one side, there is Donald Trump and what he’s fighting for

The length of his member
The size of his election win
His golf game
His golf courses
His family
His hotels
His tweets
His rallies
His reelection
His demagogues, Erdogan et al.
His autocrats, Putin et al.

On the other side, are the Liberals and what they’re fighting for

Man and Woman
The rule of Law
Civil Rights
Human rights
A free Press
Independent Judiciaries
Breathable Air
The Planet Earth

Credit, Roger Cohen, NYTimes
I am a passionate European patriot.” 12/14/2019

Now would you ever have believed it if I had ever told you that there are almost as many, including US Senators, Congressmen and Supreme Court judges, who take Trump’s side, the side of indecency and illiberality, as there are those on the other side, the liberal side? What a terrible picture this makes of our country, which for most of my life was the home of the free and the brave, not the primary residence of Donald Trump , his family, hotels, and golf courses.

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