Elect Joe Biden, Don’t listen to Donald Trump

That’s all it will take to restore decency, and in so doing, democracy to our country. And this has begun to happen, as Biden is now, since April 8th, of the Democrats the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

Biden’s election will begin the restoration to the way things were. The irony is that it seems to have taken a pandemic, rather than the Republican Party or an army of citizens, to push Trump aside if not out.

Trump is no longer in control of events, but events and Trump himself are in the control ov

of the Coronavirus. Whether Trump catches the little bug, or is caught by the bug, he has definitely lost the central place in the media, if not in the country, being shoved aside in this case by a virus, by less than a bug.

So Trump is in trouble, weakened once again by his own missteps, and the next presidential election is now Joe Biden’s to win, or lose. How will Biden win? He will win if he refuses to listen to Trump’s lies and nonsense.

Trump will try to impose his lies on all of us. As he tried to find dirt on the Bidens, and as once again he is doing so right now, and hr will bring up Biden’s past support of the Iraq War. Joe Biden, if you want to be president dont listen to Donald Trump.

“The Trump campaign has been hitting Biden and his family for over a year and the attacks don’t seem to weaken him with voters,” according to Jennifer Palmieri, a communications director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “He just gets stronger.”</p>

So once again the election is Biden’s to lose, but ne needs not to listen, not to be distracted, and keep the “debate,” or any conversation there is between the two of them on a single subject, Trump’s fitness for office.

Here Biden is in possession of an enormous wealth of material in support of his contention that Trump is not fit for the office. The talk should always be about this, don’t listen to Donald Trump.

The real media, The Times and the Post , probably listen to him too much. They ought to tune out when he lies, when he talks about himself as he mostly does when he talks. The Times and the Post are most well equipped to lead the conservation and force him to confront his own lies, his own interpretation of events. The Times and the Post need to drag Trump, kicking and screaming if need be into their world of real news, and not allow themselves to be any part of Trump’s world of untruth.

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