The President and I

Journal Notes, April 8, 2020

The two of us live in the same country, and since he moved to Florida, the same state.

But other than that we have nothing in common. I no longer listen to him, never did read his tweets for to do so only depresses and demoralizes me.

He speaks of fake news. There is no fake news, except on Fox. It’s rather that the world about him, and mostly of his own creation is fake.

There’s not a thing that he says that smacks of truth. The lies he tells are bad (15000 of them or more from the Wash Post’s latest tally) but even worse is the world of untruth in which he lives.

Yet there are millions who swear by him. And this may very well be for the reason that he only listens to himself, and it’s probably true that most Americans are like that. They hear noone but themselves. To the extent that we have a real democracy it’s only to the extent that we’ve listened to others.

Trump, we’re told by those closest enough to see for themselves, doesn’t read. As a result he is ignorant of history, of political science and most of all of science, of all the best of us that has been thought and said, not to mention art and music, and because of his ignorance in this time of the Corona virus we and our country, our democracy, have been all of us placed at great risk…

I have just one word of advice for Joe Biden, as of today the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, — Don’t listen to Donald Trump, don’t allow yourself to be drawn into his world of untruth. Make him feel the power of truth, alone capable of demolishing Trump’s world of untruth.

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